Fleet Management Software

11Fleet Management Software

WebFills Fleet Management Software is simple, customizable alternative to spreadsheets. Gain full visibility into daily fleet operations, increase maintenance efficiency and eliminate vehicle and equipment downtime from anywhere.

Eliminate the disconnect between fleet managers, owners, vendors, drivers, technicians, admins and other operations personnel. It gives your team the data that they need to manage and maintain vehicles.


Real-Time Communication
The entire team can actively collaborate on fleet operations with unlimited users, flexible operations and features built around exception management.

Better Load & Dispatch Planning
Our Fleet Management Software helps the logistics team in planning and smooth execution of goods movement.

Automated Workflows
Automate your maintenance process from end to end through powerful operational workflows and data integrations. No more manual data entry.



Fleet Scheduling – Easily access, update and share work orders. Monitor and manage fleet performance from anywhere. See all your vehicle and driver information in one place and use it to make quicker, better-informed decisions for your business.

Trip Reports – Get instant, in-depth fleet performance data with detailed reports.  Effortlessly monitor and manage the entire process of your fleet, increasing efficiency and productivity along the way.

Real-Time Tracking – See vehicle location in near real-time and a complete trip history. Get fast, precise updates about your fleet.

Expense Management – With this functionality, monitor your expenses for fuel, labor, repairs, and manage log transaction history so you can pinpoint ways to improve and cut costs.

Vehicle Documents – Through the drivers can show proof of delivery, and other relevant documentation.

Renewal Alerts – Get the renewal alerts of fleet insurance.

Servicing and RepairingWhen it comes to vehicle maintenance, our fleet management software keeps you ahead of the curve. When it’s time for a vehicle to be repaired or replaced, simply move to our system and eliminate any gap in oversight. Our fleet tracking software is built with you in mind.